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This course is a year-long blended course designed for students with an interest in media, social media, various forms of journalism, and writing.  Students will engage in hands-on writing opportunities in the school and local community in which they plan, research, design, and manage online, broadcast, and print publications.  Throughout the course, students will utilize hands-on production tools to generate, write, and edit stories and maintain an online publication (“PHS Productions”), a bi-annual news magazine ("The Hook"), a podcast ("The Bait"), the Pirateer (school yearbook) cand other school (and community) publications. 


Duration:  Year long, alternate days

Prerequisite:  Writing for the Media

Open to Students: Grades 10, 11 and 12

Total PHS Credits Earned: 1.5

  • 1/2 PHS credit: (Elective) Current Issues

  • 1/2 PHS credit: English (Advanced Media Writing & Communication)

  • 1/2 PHS credit (Elective): Yearbook

Community Partners:  Professional Mentors, Community Fieldwork


This course may be taken more than once

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