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  • Julie Reuter

Creative Writing Club

Written by Stella McQuary and Aadhya Bhavsar

Creative Writing Club, a club for 5th graders, is all about giving kids more chances to write and be creative! We meet every other week on Thursdays and level up 5th graders' writing skills! We accomplish our goals by doing writing practices like writing a twisted fairy tale or writing a story based on your favorite movie or book. Students have fun but also get more experience in writing. We also do collaborative writing activities and offer each other feedback.  

Stella McQuary is the founder of the Creative Writing Club. She was very passionate about writing and always loved being creative. And one day... flick! Buzz! She had the idea to make a club—a creative writing club. Stella worked very hard, and one day, her hard work paid off. She recruited Jocelyn Barnhart and Aadhya Bhavsar to be her helpers along the way. Now, she has a thriving club. 

Creative Writing Club is an opportunity for innovative and fun activities. An example of something we did was play the Writing Snowball Toss. We created a character on paper, crumpled it, and tossed it. Another person will pick up that piece of paper (snowball), they will write the characteristics of that character, throw it, find another snowball, and then write a year, season, date, month, and genre. After answering all the questions, writers pick up their final snowball and write a story using those pieces of information. 

As you can see, the Creative Writing Club is a fantastic club that should continue next year. 


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