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  • Aadhya B.

Dare to Draw

A pencil moved sharply across a piece of paper

I look up and see a girl's face, reddened with fear.

I ask her, 'What is wrong?' she doesn't reply

And then she says, 'Oh my, oh my'.

I asked her, 'Are you mad, are you sad?

Did something happen at home with Dad?'

She shakes her head 'no' and says with a sigh,

'Oh my, oh my'.

Then, she hands me a picture of a tiger raising a claw

And says, 'This is what I am trying to draw,'

'But tough it is that I can't help but hiss,

 At my filthy Drawing.'

I say, 'Drawing is supposed to be peaceful,

The kind that helps you calm down, 

No stress, no anxiety, no fear or sadness,

Just calm, peace, and Love.'

The next day, I came to see

A pencil moving swiftly across a piece of paper.

I look up and see a girl's face shining with Cheer.

I asked her, 'How are you feeling?'

But she doesn't reply.

Then all she says is,

'Oh my, oh my.'

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