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  • Evelyn M. and Danya V. B.

Horizon School Motto

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to be CURIOUS. Curiosity is as simple as asking how to do something, even though you know the task can also be challenging. An example is asking a question that everyone already knows the answer to. That can be hard because you fear other people might think of you badly. Then you have to BE UNSTOPPABLE. 

Being unstoppable is when you try your best and even though people may push you down—in other words, persisting through conflicts. You need to keep pushing through no matter what and NEVER GIVE UP. It can also mean sticking up for what you believe is right. 

Being kind is being nice and being there when someone needs help, like holding the door open or just smiling and saying, “I hope you have a good day,” or asking someone if they are okay if they look sad. It's just simple things like letting a friend know that you care about them that can make someone's day so much better. Finally, kindness is being excellent to someone who might treat you poorly.  Set an example for that person, and BE KIND.

Horizon’s motto is essential because it helps students feel a sense of belonging. In addition, it can help you learn and grow as a person and make new friends. Always remember to BE CURIOUS, KIND, AND UNSTOPPABLE!


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