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  • Julie Reuter

Kids’ Choice Awards

Updated: May 12

Written by Lily Parker

What is it? 

    Kids’ Choice Awards is a competition between 15 books that kids say are some of the best. After you read at least three of the books, you can vote for your favorite and nominate a book you want to be in next year's contest. Kids’ Choice awards are for students in 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade. Readers can vote online during the two-week voting window in February. Lastly, this is a competition for kids and only for kids. For example, only kids can nominate books each year and vote. 

What are the Books?

Some of the books from this year are Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation, Fish in a Tree, The Fourteenth Goldfish, History Smashers: The Titanic, Night Diary, and New From Here. The winning book is Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. The runners-up were Slacker by Gordon Korman and Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas.           

Who is In Charge Of The Kids Choice Awards? 

Mrs Gull, our librarian, oversees the Kids’ Choice Awards at Horizon School. However, she works with other librarians because Kids’ Choice is for kids all over Waukesha County. Mrs Gull promotes the contest each fall and book talks or shares videos of some books in the Kids’ Choice contest, well, almost all of them. When we go to the library and have questions on voting, she’ll answer them. The librarians in charge of Kids’ Choice work together to narrow the list of hundreds of nominees to 15 books ranging in interest and genre.

Kids’ Choice is an excellent program because it introduces readers to new books, encourages collaborative conversations about books, and, most of all, celebrates reading!  


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