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  • Julie Reuter


Updated: 6 days ago

Pirate Pride means coming into a welcoming school full of friendly faces.

- Jocelyn Barnhart

Pirate pride smells like pencils and looks calm. - Danya Vizcaino-Brizuela

I showed Pirate Pride when I attended the send-off for the boys’ and girls' basketball teams when they went to State. - Ben Barth

Pirate Pride means making fun memories with friends. - Madelynn Bischel

Pirate Pride feels like supporting other students in the Pewaukee School District.            

- Liam Zahn

Pirate Pride means having fun and enjoying the day at school.     - Owen Dietrich

What Pirate pride means helping each other.      - Breanna Kaschel

Pirate Pride celebrates what others have achieved throughout the school year.    

 - Aadhya Bhavsar

Pirate pride means standing up for what's right and standing up for the right reason.    

 - Scarlett Warner

Pirate pride is kindness and caring for others by always keeping your hopes up.     

- Corinna Kelley

The Trashtastic Club created a fundraiser to purchase and donate needed items to

HAWS (Humane Animal Welfare Society).

The Kindness Club supervised an extra recess for all grade levels at Horizon School.


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