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  • Julie Reuter

Puppy Care

Updated: 6 days ago

Written by Maddie Bischel and Lillian Lantz

Getting Your New Buddy

Getting your puppy is like finding your best buddy. You have to choose a puppy that will fit your personality. You also need to find a size that will be ok with you. If you take these steps, you will find a buddy for life. But there will probably be other puppies that are all amazing. Some may be more talented; others will be calm or crazy. Choose one or more that will be a good fit for you.     

Needed Supplies to Take Care of Your Puppy

Gathering the necessary supplies is crucial before you bring your puppy home. It's not just about toys and treats but also about creating a safe and comfortable environment for your new family member. Remember, some of the most important things, like confidence and happiness, can't be bought at a store. With these, you'll be well-prepared and successful in your puppy care journey.   

Time to Train 

Training is essential for the safety and well-being of your puppy, and the owner needs to take responsibility for the training. You and your puppy will get to know each other better than you’d think. One easy trick is to sit. You have to make up a hand movement, then say sit. After your puppy sits, you can say a release word like ok or a different word you make, and then give them a treat. If you do it often, your puppy will memorize it. After that, you can do down with the same steps (except the move, make something else). Before you reward your puppy, you must make sure he/she does a hip roll. Hip roll means that one of your dog's hips is on the ground, and the other is up to the sky.  You're a good trainer and owner if your puppy is happy and obedient. 

Please visit the HAWS website for more information and training ideas. 


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