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  • Scarlett W., Chloe R., Abigail H., Sophia V., and Preslee K.


  Our school is doing shoutouts for the first time this school year. Mr. Gull and others wanted to make kids happy by saying their names on the announcements. It started mainly at the beginning of the school year. It began with a small amount of people being on the announcements until people started emailing or asking if they could give a shoutout to a deserving recipient.   

  Shoutouts are given to people showing kind, curious, and unstoppable behavior. It is important to notice and celebrate the great things happening at our school. It is a way to care for each other. Shoutouts are shared at the start of the day and serve as a reminder to spread kindness and positivity throughout the day.  

If you know someone who deserves a shoutout, contact Mr. Gull or your classroom teacher.  Also, don’t forget to nominate a deserving classmate for the KIND award.  


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