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  • Ivy S. and Brooklyn F.


What is it?

Trashtastic is a club created by Ivy S. and Brooklyn F. The goal of the Trashtastic Club is to pick up trash around the school district and hold fundraisers. This club may seem like work, but we are passionate about what the club can offer our school district and the environment. 

Why did we create this club?

We created this club because we want to help the environment and know we can make a difference. There is so much trash calling our names! 

Club Meetings

At each club meeting, we go over our club promise. The promise is, “The earth is my home; I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful. I will love the land, the air, the water, and all living creatures. I will be a defender of my planet, united with friends, and I will save the earth.”   

Next, we review locations where we must pick up trash, such as the pond and tree line behind Horizon School. Finally, we plan for future events and fundraisers.  We want to donate any funds we earn during the fundraiser to HAWS. 

“I think that Trashtastic has been a little bumpy so far, but I can tell that we are starting to pick ourselves up. Trashtastic is a fun way to help our community and school!” -Ivy S. 

“I believe that we should be better citizens to our earth and take on those responsibilities to save the earth.” -Brooklyn F.




All Together



Team Work

All Caring

Setting Examples

Taking Time




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