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Students will have the opportunity to engage in a real-world experience in high-demand corporate environments where they can learn and grow in areas that may offer future employment opportunities.  While in the corporate setting, students will spend both semesters working on a variety of industry-driven projects, solving authentic business problems, and learning about the rewards and challenges of project-based work.  Each student is partnered with a professional mentor. This class is taught off-campus at our Insight Office. Students regularly travel to professional partners within the community. Professional attire is required for students.


Duration:  Year long, daily

Open to Students: Grades 11 and 12

Total PHS Credits Earned: 3

  • 1 PHS credit: English (Advanced Composition & Communication)

  • 1 PHS credit: Business (Business & Project Management)

  • 1 PHS credit: Social Studies 

    • EITHER AP Economics - Microeconomics & Macroeconomics OR 

    • * UW-Green Bay Econ (202 & 203)

Potential Post-Secondary Credits Earned

  • Students taking the AP Econ course may earn up to 3 college credits based on performance on the AP exam in spring (OR)

  • Students may earn up to 6 college credits from UW-GB by taking Econ 202 & 203 for a nominal fee

Community Partners:  Professional Mentors, Business Partnerships (projects), and Guest Instructors

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