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Business Innovation is an opportunity to follow as passionate pursuit from imagination to innovation.  Students will learn the skill sets necessary to move an idea from light bulb to launch. They will live and learn states of ideation, business development, perfected pitch proposals and business implementation.  Either individually or as part of a team they will utilize critical thinking to grow ideas to the next level. Students will be supported in the development of a start-up company, social enterprise, or nonprofit organization.  Each student is partnered with a professional mentor. This course is held off-campus at the Insight Office. Professional attire is required for students.


Duration:  Year long, Daily 

Open to Students: Grades 11 and 12

Total PHS Credits Earned: 2

  • 1 PHS credit: Business (Entrepreneurship)

  • 1 PHS credit: English (English 11 for 11th grade, Advanced Comp & Comm for 12th)

Community Partners:  Professional Mentors, Guest Instructors, and Expert Consultants

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