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  • Elizabeth J., Benjamin G., Liam B., and Morgan F.

Dr. Drizzle Interview

Dr. Drizzle came to Horizon Elementary School on October 3rd. Dr. Drizzle has been an educator for 30 years and has now focused on national parks and STEAM learning for six years. Dr. Drizzle is a published author known for her series, The Adventures of Marvin and Huck. Drizzle was an elementary school teacher before appearing on the Discovery channel. Dr. Drizzle is hugely passionate about her job! Drizzle showed the students different experiments, including rockets to learn about the moon's craters and how gravity doesn't exist in space, lightning bugs with laser pointers, and lighting rods to show lightning. Students also pledged to make sure to keep nature protected.

One staffer asked, "What do you hope students will learn and remember when they attend your assembly?" Dr. Drizzle responded by saying that we need to realize that we have to be good humans and be kind to each other and nature. She learned this in her childhood because her mother was a teacher, and her father was a preacher. She learned to love nature on their camping trips. Today, Dr. Drizzle visits schools to share information and perform experiments for students to help them learn more about our national parks (she has visited 144) and STEAM.

One challenge that comes with her job is how often she has to travel. She’s gone all over the US talking about national parks. Another challenge she has faced while traveling is the number of injuries she has sustained. Dr. Drizzle has broken her leg 11 times! These obstacles don’t stop her from loving nature. To learn more about Dr. Drizzle, visit her website or read her books, The Adventures of Marvin and Huck.


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