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  • Julie Reuter

Interview with Culver’s Owner and Operator, Vinnie Busalacchi 

Updated: May 13

Written by Beckett Wall, Ellie Jackson, Nora Zoltan, and Owen Ziemer

Mr. Busalacchi owns Culver’s restaurants in Jackson, West Milwaukee, and Greenfield, as well as three in Naples, Florida. We reached out to him because we wanted his expertise and advice. All of the interviewers had jobs at the BizTown Culver’s, so we wanted to learn more about what it is like to work and own a Culver’s restaurant. 

Tell us about the Culver’s organization. What makes Culver’s a unique company? 

Culver’s is a family-owned restaurant started in Wisconsin by Craig Culver. 

Why did you want to own Culver’s?

I worked there all of my life and love it. My dad, who also worked at Culver’s, inspired him to choose a career in the food service business. 

How did you get to where you are now?

I got where I am today through hard work and support from co-workers. I also have my family around me. They supported me through all of his problems and accomplishments.

Before owning Culver's, what other jobs did you have?

I had other jobs unrelated to the food industry, such as landscaping and selling Christmas trees. I also worked at a Summerfest lemonade stand.

What responsibilities do you have?

I make sure that Culver’s is running safely and successfully, helping and supporting staff, hiring staff, and marketing. I also prioritize customer service and help my staff during the lunch and dinner rush.  

Do you eat Culver’s? Do you get it for free? 

 One of the benefits of owning a Culver’s restaurant is the free food for my family and me. I often bring food home for my family. 

What is your favorite Culver’s menu item?

My favorite is the Butterburger with ketchup, mustard, and pickles. YUM! 

After the interview, Mr. Busalacchi shared the “scoop” about future promotional events. We learned there will be exciting promotions for Culver’s 40th anniversary. Also, a celebrity from Pewaukee will soon partner with Culver’s! 

We are grateful for the opportunity to interview Mr. Busalacchi. He takes great pride in his Culver’s restaurants and those working for him. His hard work and dedication to his career are to be admired, and he is an excellent example for Horizon students.  


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