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  • Tucker M. and Jace B.

FIRST Lego League

Why is there a FIRST Lego League?

FIRST Lego League is an introduction to robotics. Kids who love technology and creating projects are perfect for this program. Our robot will do tasks. That’s also where the Lego fits in. All the challenges are made with Lego technic pieces! There is also an Innovation project, and depending on the theme, it might include better shipping resources or renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that we have a lot of, like solar panels with the sun or wind turbines with the wind.

What is an innovation project?

An innovation project is your team’s solution for the problem that the league comes up with. Last year, the problem was that too many fossil fuels were being burned to make energy. So, we had to make a solution using renewable energy, such as wind turbines and solar panels. This year, we are working on incorporating our hobbies/traditions with technology and art. You choose a “ theme “ for your team's project. Then, you select a theme or tradition for your craft.

What do kids learn at FIRST Lego League?

Kids work in teams during Lego competitions. Working in a team teaches you the value of teamwork. Your team will code the robot and help you with your innovation project. Another skill that they learn is how to use creativity. You need to get creative with your innovation project Idea. Kids also used coding to make their robots move and swing around. Attachments perform the tasks like pushing buttons and pulling levers.


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