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Guest Speakers: Fall Edition

Updated: Apr 7

Hook Jr. staffers always seek community connections and methods to improve their craft. We were fortunate to have professional journalists from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Marquette University to share their professional writing lives and offer feedback during our writing seminars. The collaborative relationships and adult role models give students opportunities for real-world learning experiences. Scott Kuykendall is the Senior Associate Athletic Director for Communications at Marquette University, and Todd Rosiak is a sports reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Both journalists shared some words of wisdom with our staffers.

“Be curious and ask questions. The best stories aren’t always right in front of you. Sometimes you need to be creative.”

~ Scott Kuykendall

"Journalism is a very important profession, with all different forms. The most important element is reporting. Then comes the writing. If you can take pictures or video, even better. Learn as many skills as possible, because the more you can do, the more valuable you become!"

~Todd Rosiak


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