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  • Julie Reuter

Milwaukee Art Museum Field Trip 

Written by Taksheel Shah, Emrys Klipstein, and Owen Deitrich 

The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) field trip was unforgettable. It occurred on Wednesday, February 14th, and Thursday, February 15th, 2024. We were all excited about the journey.


Taksheel Shah’s Perspective: Wednesday, February 14th

The experience was memorable because different groups saw different things.  Our docents were very kind and welcoming, and they explained everything to us along the way. Some classes were lucky enough to see the wings open from the inside. The docents taught us things that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. They told us about a piece called The Iceberg by Larry Bell. It was special because you could walk around, and it would look like the piece was changing. These are things that would be hard to understand without our excellent docent.

Emrys Klipstein and Owen Dietrich’s Perspective: Thursday, February 15th 

When we arrived, we were 30 minutes early, so we wished that the wings would open up. We watched the wings closely for any motion until the 30 minutes were up, but it never happened. It was disappointing not to see the wings open, but we were amazed by the artwork once we got inside.  A sculpture called “Janitor” was so incredibly realistic that it fooled many of us into thinking it was a real person! The view of Lake Michigan was astonishing. Overall, the trip was a unique and memorable experience. What made it even better was sharing the experience with our classmates. 


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