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  • Madison S., Isabella A., Lydia T., Aditi G., Braden L., Taksheel S., Eva G., and Tayler N.


STEAM Night was held at PLE and Horizon School on Monday, October 2nd.  STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  The activities we did included a collection of skills and topics that you should learn so you can use them later on in life. Some fun and engaging activities included Lego challenges, Bee-Bot Art, Binary Code, building structures challenges, marble mazes, a First Lego League and PHS Robotics team visit, and more. Dr. Drizzle was also at Horizon to meet families and share her knowledge of the National Parks. STEAM night was a fantastic experience for all the students.

The marble mazes were the most popular station featured at STEAM night. This station featured making mazes for the marbles to run through. You had to use cardboard, straws, and tape to make a path for the marble to get through to the end of the maze. People had to be very creative with their ideas; some people cut out a slit on the cardboard for the marble to fall through, and some people had a lot of straw, so there were more obstacles. Mrs. O'Hern, a fifth-grade teacher, guided the marble maze, helping people out. This station was all about physics and engineering because you had to construct and modify your maze, make the marble tilt, and go through to the end. The station was an enjoyable part of STEAM night because there were many opportunities to make and create your maze without any guidelines.

  The goal of STEAM night was to teach students about the importance of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. These elements were taught through fun activities such as Lego challenges, Bee-Bot Art, Binary Code, building  Structures challenges, marble mazes, a visit from FLL, First Lego League, and the PHS Robotics team. Another effect of STEAM night was that kids could learn collaboration skills and problem-solving. Kids could work together to reveal many new strategies for building, creating, and discovering STEAM projects. They also learn to try new things and have an open mind when something doesn’t work out right. The last effect is that parents and guardians can have fun, too. Parents also participated in some fun stations to bond and create memories to cherish forever over STEAM with family and friends.

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