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  • Julie Reuter

BizTown: A Mayor’s Perspective

Written by Ben Barth and Henry Kruger

BizTown is a favorite experience in 5th Grade. It all starts in the classroom but ends with a visit to a fully interactive, simulated town. Students have assigned jobs and are expected to operate BizTown's economy.  Two mayors were voted into office by their classmates: Ben Barth and Henry Kruger.  They both worked hard to lead their communities to the best of their abilities.  

Ben’s  Perspective

Biztown was excellent from the start. I had a list to do and two speeches to write. First, I gave my opening speech, which was remarkable according to my peers. Next, I did a census count, which took an hour to gather everyone in the businesses. Next, I signed many appreciation forms and went to my lunch break. After I ate my delicious lunch and popcorn, I signed more papers and went on my shopping break. After my shopping break, I whipped up my closing speech and presented it to the citizens of BizTown. Looking back, BizTown was a one-of-a-kind experience I will never forget. 

Henry’s Perspective

When I got there, it looked amazing. The businesses looked awesome. City Hall was right in the middle of all the action. I got an iPad to write my opening and ending speech. Then, I had to do the opening speech. I was nervous, but everybody said I had done a great job. My afternoon consisted of eating lunch, shopping, and presenting my final speech.  I ended my speech by asking the citizens to sing “Happy Birthday” to my dad.  Everyone loved it! I was so proud of all I accomplished and the fun I had in just one day of work as a city official.  


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