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  • June P. and Corinna K.

Book Recommendations for Horizon Readers

Are you looking for a fantastic fiction book?  Look no further.  These books are filled with complex characters and incredible settings. Most importantly, these stories teach readers essential life lessons. 

Wonder by R. J. Palacio is about an 11-year-old boy, August, who has one eye. He just moved to a new school. It's full of friendship, curiosity, and learning how to fit in, which is what Horizon is all about. After all, our motto is Be Curious, Be Kind, Be Unstoppable! So, come on an adventure with August as he navigates a new school and bullying. See why this is a terrific book!

Winterbourne Home by Ally Carter is the first book in a two-book series. It's about a 12-year-old girl, April, who ends up in a mysterious mansion as her new home. She needs help fitting in. The kids at the mansion, who were also orphaned, helped her and made her feel included,

just like we should at Horizon. So come with April to find out the secrets of this mansion. It’s fast-paced and full of adventure, and it's great for readers who can’t stop because this book never slows down! 

My Weird School series by Dan Gutman is about A.J. and his crazy, hilarious adventures with all his wacky teachers at his school. He is always curious to find out the truth about his wacky teachers! So come with him on all his adventures and laugh your heads off because A.J. is the funniest kid in school. Learn the twists and turns of this school and how teachers aren’t always as they seem.


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