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  • Rangely and Savannah T. C.

Green Team


What is the Green Team?

The Green Team is a group of kids who contribute their time and attention to helping fellow students dispose of their lunch waste correctly. 

 Respect The Green Team

    Do you know those kids that stand behind the trash can and occasionally dig in it? They’re called the Green Team, and they are willing to dig in the trash to help keep our environment clean. In return, we ask our classmates to follow the rules and treat us with respect.  Food waste, especially ketchup,  can be messy, and we prefer it to go in the waste bins instead of on our clothes.  


 Putting Food Waste in the Correct Place

The Green Team tries to help with the compost and food scraps, but sometimes, things can fall in the wrong bin.  Our role is to help classmates know where each item goes.  If you don’t know what goes where, just ask!  

How Can You Help? 

The Green Team needs your help. If we all work together, we can make moves to help the environment and get to recess on time.  Please wait patiently for your turn, treat each other respectfully, and put your waste in the right place.  Green Team members also like to know they are appreciated, so don’t forget to say, “Thank you, Green Team, for all you do.”  Students can head out to recess knowing that they made a difference.  If you would like to join the Green Team, ask one of the team members.  

Thank you, Miss Mary, for mentoring the Green Team.  We appreciate all you do to keep Horizon School clean and safe. 


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