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  • Lily P.

Horizon Book Fair

Before the Book Fair

Most kids don’t realize what goes on before the Book Fair is ready for them to walk through and purchase books. First, the Book Fair has to be set up. According to Susie Oleson (Book Fair Coordinator), setting up the Book Fair usually takes two days. Before the fair, volunteers have to organize the books on the shelves. There are multiple parts of the Book Fair, such as the chapter book section, the non-book section, and the graphic novel section. Sometimes, kids can get called up to help unbox the books and put them on the shelves. They must put the posters on the backs of the metal bookcases beside the lunchroom tables.

During the Book Fair

   The Book Fair is located in the Horizon cafeteria and contains books that kids find the most interesting. What happens at school is that one day, we get to go down to the cafeteria and preview everything in the Book Fair. Then, a week later, we go to the Book Fair and bring in our money to spend it at. There are also posters you can get. There are tons of sports posters, Jojo Siwa posters, animal posters, etc. Why is the Book Fair so important? It’s important because people want high-interest books to read, and it’s fun. It also makes readers more interested in certain books, such as those introduced by the Book Fair. We are so grateful for all of the workers who made this happen.  We are also grateful for families who contribute to the Book Fair by supporting their readers and purchasing books.      

After the Book Fair

Most people don’t know what goes on after the Book Fair. All the money has to be counted up. Then, the volunteers have to run reports on the most popular items. This Book Fair's most popular book was the new, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid No Brainer.” The most popular toys were the large pointer sticks, and the most popular poster was the Michael Jordan poster. You're probably wondering where all the money goes. The funds earned are divided among classrooms to select books for their classroom library. Once the teachers are done buying books, the leftover books get sent back to Scholastic. Finally,  the volunteers must clean up the book fair, which takes three days. It is fantastic that they took time out of their busy day to help us with the book fair. Without the contributions made by our volunteers, we would not have a book fair, so the next time you are at the book fair, thank the volunteers for everything they do.


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