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  • Julie Reuter

Horizon School Cafeteria

By: Nora Zoltan & Kensie Struttmann

In 5th grade, everyone enjoys food's sweet, sour, salty, and savory taste. When does this happen? Lunch! Where does this happen? In the cafeteria! You are about to find out 5th grader’s opinions about food and the Horizon School cafeteria. 

In the cafeteria, diners have their taste and opinions on different types of food. When we asked, “What is your favorite hot lunch offered at Horizon School?” the majority answered pizza, with fun lunch (yogurt, muffin, cheese stick, and Goldfish) not far behind. The unpopular choices were sloppy Joe, nachos, and the BBQ rib sandwich.

When asked, “What is ONE thing you would change about the cafeteria?” most students answered,  “Free seating.” It was clear that fifth graders like to combine great food and time with friends. Hot lunch isn’t as popular as we thought regarding the cafeteria and food. For example, 50.6% of students prefer a cold lunch, and 49.4% prefer a hot lunch.

Speaking of the Horizon cafeteria, did we mention our fantastic lunch ladies, supervisors, and Miss Mary?  We are fortunate to have such outstanding staff members who help make our lunchtime as delicious and safe as possible. 


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