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  • Marlo D., Lilly B., and Jocelyn B.

Thanksgiving Placemats

Thanksgiving placemats are a fun part of Horizon’s many ways of connecting with others by participating in service projects. In this activity, fifth-grade classes partner up with fourth and third-grade classes to make placemats for the elderly in nursing homes. Horizon students always look forward to working together and helping out the community. This activity relates to our graduate profile's contribution and care competencies because kids are helping the elderly in our community by bringing some joy to their meals!
Some people live in nursing homes and can’t come home for the holidays. Others don’t have a family to visit them, so when kids create just one placemat to give them, it brings a plateful of joy to those who receive it. Grade-level collaboration for service projects is essential because our school wants kids to learn the importance of contributing to society and supporting the well-being of others. 
Donations are always needed if you want to contribute to this project next year. We need craft materials to create the placemats.


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