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  • Olivia B., Lillian L. H. , and Liliana L.

Kindness Club

Why a Kindness Club? 

The Kindness Club was founded by 5th graders interested in sharing and celebrating kindness at Horizon School. We decided to make the Kindness Club to gather a group of students who are passionate about being good role models and spreading kindness. Mrs. Gospodarek kindly agreed to be the club advisor. We currently have 13 people in the club, but we hope to recruit more kind kiddos. 

Kindness Club Goals

First and foremost, we want to model kind behaviors. We also want to be available to classmates who need a friend or want to resolve a conflict.  Kindness Club members need to show leadership and responsibility. At our first meeting, we made posters to spread kindness and advertise our club.  Next, we decided to  promote kindness through our holiday initiative, "Light up our school with Kindness!" The club came up with the idea to pass out "lights" to every student in the building that could be filled out with ideas of being kind. Mrs. Gospodarek strung the "lights" to fill the halls with holiday decor and kindness! Be on the lookout for other kindness initiatives in the new year.  Until then, BE KIND! 


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