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  • Tucker M. and Owen D.

Scary Book Talks

A few years ago, Mrs. Reuter and Mrs. Gull discussed the scary books available to readers in the Horizon Library. They realized they needed a way to get the books in the hands of readers, so they started a yearly tradition, Scary Book Talks! 

We interviewed Mrs. Gull to learn more about the origin story of the Scary Book Talk.  

Q: What is your favorite scary book you have ever read?

A: My favorite scary books are The Screaming Staircase and Small Spaces because they are terrifying and creepy.

Q: Why did you choose the books you did for the Scary Book Talk?

A: These books made the list because they are fifth-grade high-interest books. I also include fiction and nonfiction books since some readers prefer nonfiction.

Q. Why did you decide to start the Scary Book Talk tradition?

A: Mr. Gull and I love Halloween. Mrs. Reuter and I were talking, and Mrs. Reuter asked if I could do a book talk about scary books for Halloween. After we did it for the first time, we decided to make it a yearly tradition. 

Q: Why is it essential to read scary books? 

A:  When you read scary books, they are exciting and have themes that help students learn vital life lessons. It also teaches resilience. 

In conclusion, scary stories are unique because they have exciting characters, plot twists, and creepy settings.  Most importantly, they are high-interest books, so they get books into the hands of readers to help them commit to growing their reading lives.  


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