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  • Julie Reuter

Hook Jr. Mentors: Professional Journalists

Hook Jr. staffers are privileged to continue their journey of learning more about journalism, sharing ideas, and honing their craft through connections with professionals. We recently had the honor of hosting communication specialist Zack Osell. These collaborative relationships and the presence of adult role models like Zack provide our students with invaluable real-world learning experiences. Zack, a Communications Specialist with the DOC Communication Team and a Breaking News Writer for RotoWire, shared his professional writing life and offered insightful feedback during our writing seminars. 

“ The best advice I can give to an aspiring writer is to simply keep writing. The only way you can get better at something is to do it consistently, and writing is no different. It's important to keep pushing yourself in your writing and to challenge yourself, which can often mean finding editors/friends/family members from different backgrounds and/or specialties to read your work and provide feedback. It's also okay to accept that feedback, which is something I always struggled with when I was in high school and even college.” 

~ Zack Osell


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