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  • Julie Reuter

March Madness

Written by Scarlett Warner, Sophia Vallone, and Chloe Reistad

Photographers: Madison Stern, Jocelyn Barnhart, and Kensie Struttmann

March Madness is an annual tradition at Horizon School. It is an assembly where the entire school participates to celebrate being kind, curious, and unstoppable. The main event is the teachers vs. students basketball game. Best of all, the assembly ends with dismissal and SPRING BREAK!  

Walking into the gym, you can hear the screams and cheers of all grades 3-5 students. As you watch, you can’t help but notice the smiles, claps, and high-fives; everyone is moving to the music.  There are two breaks in the basketball action: a lightning game and tug-a-war. The game was a nail-biter! After the first break,  the score was 2-14 students in the lead. At break two, 20-30 students were still in the lead. The players were excited to watch but even more thrilled to play. Finally,  it was up to the 5th graders to bring the win home for the students. The end score was  47-48, the students won! 

March Madness is one of the many unforgettable Horizon School memories we will take with us as we move to ASA next year.  


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