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  • Alexandra T., Ellie J., and Brooklyn F.

Pewaukee Cheer

Imagine being outdoors and active for hours! Cheerleaders, like football players, are expected to be outside for football games no matter the weather. It can be cold and exhausting, but once you start to do this once a week, it can be enjoyable. 

Cheerleaders play an essential role at football games. Some responsibilities include exciting the crowd and ensuring the football players are motivated to try hard and win. You have challenging responsibilities as a cheerleader, such as being alert and on task. Also, you must be sure you are firing up those football players when they get tired or even when the game isn't going as well as you hope. This can also include coming up with ideas to help the team. Even if it is snowing or raining, you must go to the game and cheer on the players. 

The trickiest part for the cheerleaders is at halftime! The game stops, and the cheerleaders take over. It is a big responsibility since everyone is watching. The cheerleaders need to remember the dance and have a smile on their faces. The best part about being a cheerleader is representing Pewaukee and bringing joy and excitement to spectators at sporting events.  



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