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Over the past three years the district has experienced a decrease in the total levy for the school district.  This has come at a time when the values of the properties in the district have experienced substantial growth.  In the 2014-15 fiscal year, the equalized tax rate was $11.84 per $1,000 of property value.  By the 2023-24 fiscal year, this rate had dropped to $6.85 per $1,000 of value.  This is a significant reduction.  The Pewaukee School District recognizes the significant contributions of the community to providing a quality education.  Maintaining the facilities on one campus is a priority for the community with over 90% of respondents to a recent satisfaction survey.  Accomplishing this priority in a cost effective manner is a commitment the district has demonstrated to the taxpayers of the community.

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If the $28.5M project is approved by voters, the estimated tax increase for the cost of the project for each $100,000 of fair market property value would be $28 per year ($2.33 per month) for approximately 20 years. 

Long-Range Intro

As always, contact the Pewaukee School District 
or Dr. Mike Cady (262-695-5046) for any additional information or questions regrading the referendum.

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